Hokus fokus

you get to decide.One of the most important questions to ask ourselves is: At what dimensional level am I trying to create a new result?


If you are trying to create a new state of health, or financial abundance, or a romantic relationship, that´s a third-dimensional result. Action is required.


If you are creating a new belief system or learning something new, or simply wanting to feel better, that´s a fourth-dimensional result. A shift of perception is required.


If you want to tune into your own Divine purpose, communicate with your Higher Self, and develop your intuition, that´s a fifth-dimensional result. A shift in consciousness is required.


Each dimension has its own ”rules” for creating new results. Have a look at what you are creating in your life, or trying to create.


Are you playing by the appropriate rules for the dimensional result you want?

– Andrea Hess.



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